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QUEEN's Mostly Autonomous Sailboat Design Team



The Queen’s Mostly Autonomous Sailboat Team (QMAST) is a student run design team that builds autonomous sailboats to compete at the International Robotic Sailing Regatta (IRSR), which was founded at Queen’s over a decade ago.

Our Sub-Teams


Design and Develop Autonomous navigation, image recognition and design of a mobile controller app. Learn about Working with an Arduino and Rasberry Pi, How to work in a team enviroment, and several important sofware development techniques.


Work on the innards of the boat including the power supply, Arduino to Raspberry Pi interface, and control for sensors and actuators. Learn Soldering, crimping, Circuit Design and so much more.


Designs  and Builds the Boat including The Hull, Boards, Sails and Rigging.​ Get Hands-on experience with composites, and leard highly applicable CAD skills.

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Team Captains

Mathew Jennings

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Outgoing Captain, 4th year Apple Math. Currently on internship at Cisco Meraki

Jasper Schaffer

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Incoming Captain, 3rd Year Electrical.

Software Managers

Trevor Vrckovnik

Outgoing Software Head, 4th year Eng Phys.

Alexander Shaw

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Outgoing Software Head, 4th year Eng Phys. Currently on internship at Canadian Nuclear Saftey Commission.

Callum Moffat

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Outgoing Software Head, 4th year ECE. Currently on internship at Ericsson.

Electrical Managers

Jasper Schaffer

  • LinkedIn

Outgoing Electrical Manager, Incoming Captain. 3rd Year Electrical.

Mechanical Managers

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Outgoing Mechanical Manager, 2020 Graduate

Mike Lynch

Outgoing Mechanical Manager, 2020 Graduate

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contact us

Room 121 ILC, 45 Union Street

Kingston, ON

Mail: sailboat@engsoc.qu